Creating The Perfect Look For Your Home

Our homes are our castles.  We take great pride in what we have and how our homes look.  This comes down to the landscaping, accent and personal touches as well as the finish applied tour homes.  When deciding on the finish to our home we have aluminum siding, brisk, and of course stucco.  When choosing a finish like stucco we have a lot of design options, colors and additions that we can do to make our homes unique.  When applying stucco make sure that a stucco contractor columbus is contacted to discuss all of your design options.


Out of all the options we have for our homes stucco is the easiest to maintain.  It is a rock like substance that doesn’t collect dirt, weathers the elements well and can be died to be any color you want, avoiding the need to paint your homes.

stucco contractor columbus


When using stucco we can incorporate a lot of different patterns.  Since stucco is applied by hand the application allows us to be creative in design.  Patterns created with a trowel, the addition of small stones and more can be applied to the substance creating a one of a kind home.


When our homes are completed adding some artistic touches with landscaping will allow our homes to pop.  Tall trees and bushes can dawn the walkway creating a unique effect.  Stone walkways of contrasting colors and styles can draw the eye to the home in unique ways.  A well maintained lawn will make a stucco house look as if it were a castle.


No matter what it is you do or how you design your home, using a stucco finish is a great idea.  It will allow you to stand out without being too flashy.  Also, planning everything beforehand will also make the design experience seamless.