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stone fireplace redmond or

Adding A Centerpiece To Your Home

When creating a design plan for a home or a specific space many people will go traditional routes.  For the more creative people out there they will think of something unique or out of the box to do.  When creating centerpieces or focal points to your home think of functionality and design.  One options that most don’t think of but can both be functional and visually appealing is a stone fireplace.


The functionality of a stone fireplace redmond or is to heat your home on those cold nights.  In most homes people will run electric heaters or a central heating unit.  For some lucky people having a fireplace is a viable option.  However, in many cases adding a fireplace will require major construction in your home. 

stone fireplace redmond or

To avoid all of this construction and mess people are opting for a stone fireplace.  Now, I am not talking about a brick fireplace in the traditional sense, I am talking about a custom built, one of a kind work of art that you can call your own.


When deciding on a stone fireplace there are a lot of design options that you can chose from.  You can create a traditional square fireplace or you can design a circular, pyramid of other custom shaped design.  When creating these fireplaces the sky is the limit.


When deciding on a stone fireplace you can have one outside for visual effect, cooking or keeping the bugs away.  Inside you can use it for warmth, ambiance and so much more.


Stone fire places are easy to clean and maintain.  Since many are custom built designing them with simple cleaning features is a popular option.

No matter your reason, style or desire to own one, having a custom centerpiece in your home will spark conversation, engage people in parties and much more.